Property Development & Construction

Your land. Your Future. Build it.

Our Services

The success of any property development lies in the correct understanding and application of industry knowledge, relevant laws and rigorous attention to detail in all aspects of the development and construction process.

Our business model is simple – we offer a one-stop-shop for property development and construction services. We assist our clients with advice and management through every step of the development process, and offer total project management from inception to completion to maximise cost savings and minimise time delays.

Our principles are specialists in the skills you require to effectively profit from your properties – including Development Management, Project Management, Construction and Quantity Surveying.

Our core mission is to assist property owners to generate wealth through targeted development and investment. We offer a comprehensive due diligence process for our clients.

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Town Planning and Permit Advice

Our specialists will determine the proper zoning and overlays, verify easement locations, assess subdivision potential, prepare council applications and analyse council guidelines with regard to design, character and other restrictions in consultation with town planners and architects.


Our experts determine design constraints, research what type of designs are experiencing the strongest sales, and engage with carefully selected architects, town planners and surveyors to achieve the optimal design for your property.

Market Analysis

We conduct focused market feasibility studies of proposed development sites including the collation of past and current sales data to generate a complete picture of the market. We understand that simply conducting research is not enough, so we network with agents and strategically approach potential development sites.

Commercial & Financial Services

We prepare financial feasibility models based on the best possible use of land, and conduct research in accordance with industry best practices and market evidence. Maven experts also provide assistance in closing sales and leasing investment properties to maximise your profits.


Maven Builders utilizes it’s expertise and extensive experience in construction industry to deliver projects in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality. We strive to have our Maven homes to be associated with quality finishes and workmanship.

Completion and Sales

We obtain appropriate certifications at the completion of our construction projects, arrange the registration of strata plans including the issuance of individual titles, arrange the settlement of individual lots with shareholders, select skilled and competitive managing agents and tenants to minimise periods of vacancy and optimise rental yields.

Customized Services

Thanks to our industry experience and extensive network of experts we can fully customize the set of our services to match our Client’s property development or construction needs and requirements: development management, project management, contract administration, construction management, quantity surveying, we can even assist other builders with troubleshooting and tackling complex construction solutions.