Maven Building Services

"Turn Key" Construction

Maven Builders has gained it's reputation in building custom homes. We enjoy bringing our clients' dreams of their new home into reality. We pride ourselves on building homes, not just houses. We try to make it an enjoyable journey for our clients rather than a stressful construction project.

Builder for Builders

We've been long enough in the construction industry to know how complex or multifaceted projects might be, how stretched out your trades or resources might become, how vital at times it is to share the projects load, or just have another builder to brainstorm a problem or put heads together to solve an issue.  Due to our extensive experience in a variety of projects - from extensions to multi-storey buildings with basements - we can work with other builders and take full care of any stage of construction project, assist with working out solutions to construction issues, work together with the project builder and consultants to value add and come up with cost saving solutions and methods for the project.

Owner Builders Help & Rescue

If you are set to build your home yourself and need a professional advice, or you've started the project and might need some help along the way, we can help. Reach out to us and we'll do our best to help you to achieve your goal.